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Colorado Pollinator Summit

October 17, 2017 thebeeswaggle

The Colorado Pollinator Network is hosting the 2nd Annual Pollinator Summit on November 2nd at the Denver Botanic Gardens at York Street.  Don’t miss this opportunity to see what is happening on behalf of pollinators in Colorado!  Check out the new website for Colorado Pollinator Network!

Not By Apis Alone

October 16, 2017 thebeeswaggle

Recent declines in honeybee populations have raised much concern about the fate of large-scale crop production, but this is only one fraction of the reality.  Wild bees (native bees) hold much of the fate of crop pollination by the tiny hooks at the tips of their tiny feet. I took this photo while visiting the … Continue reading Not By Apis Alone

Where Do Bees Go?

September 26, 2017 thebeeswaggle

Have you ever pondered where bees might be going during the winter months?  Bees are very much affected by the temperature changes, and when it’s cold, they don’t move so fast, and can freeze to death.  So, for most of the bees that live in seasonal places, populations die off, leaving the developing young tucked … Continue reading Where Do Bees Go?

Honeybees, Move Over

September 20, 2017 thebeeswaggle

I decided it would be a good idea to write about this concentrated interest in saving the honeybees, because it’s missing the point in many ways.  Don’t get me wrong, I think saving the honeybee is 1/20,000 important, as it is 1 species out of 20,000 on our planet, but shouldn’t take the spotlight.  So, … Continue reading Honeybees, Move Over

Bee Kind

September 12, 2017 thebeeswaggle

In July I received a call from a resident who discovered she had some unwanted residents living under her deck.  I asked her the color of her residents, and was able to confirm they were honeybees.  They had likely swarmed last year and found the opening under her deck quite perfect for their new home. … Continue reading Bee Kind