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Pollen: Tales Beyond the Sneeze

January 21, 2018 thebeeswaggle

Many of us can relate to that moment when you accept spring’s invitation to step out and saunter in the warm sun to hear all the vibrant sounds as nature awakes from the slumber of winter, to smell all the fragrances floating on the breeze, and then it hits you, a series of powerful, uncontrollable … Continue reading Pollen: Tales Beyond the Sneeze

2017 Was Buzzing

December 20, 2017 thebeeswaggle

The cold winter months make me bee-sick, meaning I miss all the buzz in my yard.  It gives me time to reflect on what this year brought, and what I hope the next year will bring.  So, with that said, let’s journey through 2017 for The Bees Waggle, and tie it in a bow of … Continue reading 2017 Was Buzzing

Don’t Miss Out!

October 30, 2017 thebeeswaggle

This Thursday is the 2nd Annual Colorado Pollinator Summit.  Bee sure to grab a seat in the most buzz-worthy event of the year! The program is loaded with great speakers, and panelists from many organizations in the state of Colorado. Check out the program here: Pollinator Summit Program There will be opportunities to cross-pollinate with fellow … Continue reading Don’t Miss Out!

Colorado Pollinator Summit

October 17, 2017 thebeeswaggle

The Colorado Pollinator Network is hosting the 2nd Annual Pollinator Summit on November 2nd at the Denver Botanic Gardens at York Street.  Don’t miss this opportunity to see what is happening on behalf of pollinators in Colorado!  Check out the new website for Colorado Pollinator Network!

Not By Apis Alone

October 16, 2017 thebeeswaggle

Recent declines in honeybee populations have raised much concern about the fate of large-scale crop production, but this is only one fraction of the reality.  Wild bees (native bees) hold much of the fate of crop pollination by the tiny hooks at the tips of their tiny feet. I took this photo while visiting the … Continue reading Not By Apis Alone