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Squash Pollination

June 26, 2017 thebeeswaggle

We are approaching the time we will begin to see squash blooms, and there is a very dedicated little bee to squash blooms! The Squash Bee, or Peponapis, insists that squash pollen and nectar is the best food for her young.  I have included some interesting bits of information for you about squash and how … Continue reading Squash Pollination

Pollinator Party Invitation

June 21, 2017 thebeeswaggle

I invite all you Denver Metro area dwelling families to come join me and my pollinator friends for a party on June 29th from 10am -1pm.  Sign up here.

Art for Pollinators Event

June 19, 2017 thebeeswaggle

It’s back!!!

June 12, 2017 thebeeswaggle

Bee houses are off to Amazon, and should be ready for purchase by Friday! What a wait that was for all of us!

Moth to Yucca to People

June 06, 2017 thebeeswaggle

This week I have the opportunity to teach children about the benefits pollinators presented to the Pueblo People, and I know you will enjoy this topic just as much, so here it goes! YUCCA POLLINATION Yucca plants rely on yucca moths to pollinate them, and yucca moths rely on yucca to feed their young. Obligate … Continue reading Moth to Yucca to People