Pollinator Helpers

March 02, 2015 81514186

Today marks the beginning of week 2 for The Bees Waggle. It has truly been a steep learning curve getting this business in motion, but we are up for the challenge because we believe in this cause. Our goal this week is to recommend simple tasks anyone can do the help our pollinator friends in this desert landscape. The first, and simplest, is planting wildflowers. To determine what is native/wild to your region go to plant and click on regional plant finder to discover wildflowers native to your state. Native flowers will thrive in your region and provide many years of flowers as they will return every year. Sunflowers are a fantastic choice because one flower hosts hundreds of little flowers for bees to feed on. I have planted them in my large sized pots in the backyard and every year I see baby sunflower plants pop up to welcome another Spring. They are easy to grow, beautiful, and great for pollinators! This is a great choice for those of you who don't have a yard to plant flowers in, but a patio or a deck to place pots on. Even this small contribution will go a long way for our little pollinating friends.

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