Leafcutter residents in my bee house!

July 01, 2015 thebeeswaggle

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We now have proof that leafcutter bees do like to nest in our beetle kill pine house! We were fortunate enough to be standing outside observing the house on Sunday (after our pollinator garden event) when one, two, and three flew into the nesting blocks simultaneously! I have been peeking at the house every day since.  As you can see in the first photo, they are busy cutting little half-moon shapes out of the lilac bush leaves, which will not harm the plant, as the bees only take exactly what they need to form egg cells. Check out the expanded story about the habits of the leafcutter bees. It’s very interesting, and it isn’t too late to get your own house, nesting block, and bees! Visit our store at to place an order!

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