Bees can be very small!

May 29, 2015 thebeeswaggle

Two species of Carpenter bees with an amazing contrast in size.

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Above is an image of a carpenter bee (remember from last week these are as big as bumble bees) beside a small carpenter bee! Look at the size difference!

Sometimes you might notice very petite bee-like insects buzzing around your flowers with an intentional pattern of collecting pollen and nectar. Well, these truly are bees of a much smaller size! Below are some more examples of small bees, usually <0.8 cm long.

small-carpenter-bee-thistle    Small carpenter bee

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maskedbeecinquefoil1   Masked bee

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40_1d91063f3928d063e643181f11231050  Small sweat bee

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Leafcutter_bee_by_Bernhard_plank  Leafcutter bee

Photo by Bernhard Plank

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