Weekend fun with seeded gifts

April 04, 2015 thebeeswaggle

This project is super easy, affordable, and ecocentric, oh and a great pollinator resource! These seeded gifts are great gifts and such a great way to start the conversation about saving our pollinators!

Here’s what you will need:

Wildflower seeds

Paper you planned to recycle anyway, shredded

Two mixing bowls

Warm water (to dissolve the paper in)

Blender (I used an immersion blender, to break up the paper into a pulp)

Cookie cutters, or an empty plastic egg (to use as molds for the seed infused pulp) ** Remember to squeeze excess water from the mixture so it will dry faster**

Follow the pictures below and have fun with your family!  My girls helped with this project, as you will see little hands the photos. 

IMG_9862IMG_9863 IMG_9867IMG_9869   IMG_9871IMG_9873IMG_9874IMG_9875IMG_9876IMG_9877IMG_9879IMG_9883

Thank you for joining the movement!


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