Wonders of a garden could keep my attention all day long.

August 06, 2015 thebeeswaggle

IMG_1576 IMG_1579 Dust of pollen rests on this Black-eyed Susan, tempting many flying visitors. IMG_1595 IMG_1596 A hover fly  often visits the same blooms bees do. She looks like a bee by what she wears, but when you look closer, you'll see her fly eyes peering up at you. IMG_1604 IMG_1606 Can't wait to see these blooms that will serve as the final nectar provision of the summer for hummingbirds. IMG_1608 This one is a new visitor to my garden, and I hope to get a better image of her over the next week...and hopefully ID her. Mrs. Hummer is very quick and difficult to capture in a photo, but I was lucky today!  I have spotted her feeding on the various blooms in my garden, but not today, when I have my camera, of course. This bloom looks as though there are a cluster of tiny butterflies at the top of a green pier. Bombus ternarius is my garden's most frequent visitor, and she has brought many fruits as a result of her culinary preferences. I planted red clover this year from seed, and it has been a choice bloom for many bees. IMG_1623

What’s in your yard? Have you taken the time to observe? I could spend all day outside in my garden just looking and listening.  It brings me a sense of peace and child-like wonder when I am surrounded by nature.  Please make an effort to do this for yourself; we could all use more nature in our lives!

Thank you for joining the movement!

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