Toepfer Park, the final product!

July 05, 2015 thebeeswaggle

It’s finished, with mulch and all! This was such a great project and I appreciated Metro District’s support immensely! Without Metro Districts we may not have been able to complete this project until next year. They provided the plot, the plants, the mulch, and even some wonderful helpers both days! I am so grateful for the rapid progression of this project; from proposal to fruition, it was only two months time! I am optimistic of future projects with Metro Districts, and look forward to continued partnership with them.

The Bees Waggle is now in charge of maintaining the garden, in terms of weeding, and overall appearance. My hope is to have a sign about pollinators installed at some point in the future.  Please do check it out, and if you would like a list of the plants in this plot, don’t hesitate to email or comment on this post!  

Thank you to all the volunteers that came out to lend a hand!  We have a special surprise coming to you via email! If you would like to continue to volunteer on this project, please email me.

I cannot forget to mention that there will be a story about this project in the Highlands Ranch Herald this Thursday, check it out!

Below is a gallery of the before and after appearance of the plot; it’s looking beautiful!

Well, that’s all for now!  As always, thank you for joining the movement!

Before we began on June 28th, 1. 2 3 After we finished on July 5th, 1. 2 3

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