Family Fun Week 3: Butterflies!

June 01, 2015 thebeeswaggle


The time has come to observe our beautiful winged friends, and to raise your own and release them!  We have ordered our caterpillars and are anxiously awaiting their arrival! I thought it would be appropriate to invite you all to join us in this fun activity!

Kids love this activity because they get to see the changes a butterfly goes through to become an adult.  All you need is a butterfly nursery and caterpillars!  It just so happens that our store carries butterfly nurseries!

I like to have my children draw pictures of the changes as they occur, and we like to plant butterfly friendly flowers in our yard to feed them when we release them. It’s a great scientific lesson of change and habitat needs for butterflies.

It’s easy and fun and a great way to help our pollinator friends! I hope you will join us on this journey, and please share pictures on The Bees Waggle Facebook page!

Thank you for joining the movement!

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