Agapostemon Texanus…excuse me?

May 14, 2015 thebeeswaggle

The more I learn about native bee species, the more I am blown away!  Agapostemon Texanus is a sweat bee group that has a metallic green head and thorax, and the males have black and yellow stripes on the abdomen, while females are metallic green. What a cool looking male bee! Sweat bees are smaller than honey bees and they visit flowers with shallow nectar pools; they have short tongues. You can catch a glimpse of these bees from late Spring through Summer, throughout the US!  I was inspired by a friend to look these bees up, and I am happy I did!  Check out these photos and keep an eye out in your own back yard! I will post more on this species tomorrow.

Male Agapostemon

Female Agapostemon

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