OH the bees we will see!

April 30, 2015 thebeeswaggle

Here’s one more bee we have covered, and what a great species it is.  These ladies look like flying teddy bears!


Bumble Bees



Excellent buzz pollinators

Make some honey for immediate consumption.

Nest underground or in empty bird nests.

Egg cells are made up of wax and pollen.

You can be a great host to these bees by leaving some soil bare in your yard, so they can nest.  Of course, always avoid using pesticides and herbicides.  Plant lots of flowers for them to collect pollen and nectar.  They will not sting you unless you are invading their nest, and they can sting multiple times, if that is the case.  Enjoy their presence and take care to keep them present!

Thank you for joining the movement!


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