Buzzing this week!

March 21, 2015 thebeeswaggle

I have some fun topics in store for this week, and I hope you will pay us a visit beginning this Monday!

I am very interested in exploring honey bee behavior, and this week I will touch on honey bee communication, specifically pheromones. These unseen chemicals translate into coordinated visible behaviors in all species of the animal kingdom, and the honey bee is no exception.

Honey bees are very hot off the press these days, but what about the many other species of bees? How can we be of service to them?  Beginning this week I will start the discussion of other bee species.  This week I will showcase the Mason bee. I trust you will be amazed by this species, and I am excited to shed light on their little world, and how we can help them thrive too!

Finally, I will begin my Family Fun series with a stepwise picture “how to” in making seed bombs.  I have a special twist, check it out, and get the whole family involved in the movement of saving our pollinators.

Cheers to joining the movement! Have a great weekend!

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