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July 13, 2016 thebeeswaggle

8.5x11 Fundraiser Poster

Recently I was honored to accept an invitation to join the board for Bee Safe Boulder, which will soon launch Bee Safe Earth.  This organization is focused on spreading awareness about bee safe practices in pest management, meaning they are crusading against pesticides.  I am all for what they are doing, so I am happy to join them in their mission to make the world safe for bees. Check out their website and make a pledge to bee safe here!

I will be starting this project in Highlands Ranch, and I would absolutely love to have more bee lovers on my team for this mission.  This will be separate from my bee saving efforts through The Bees Waggle, but will be just as important. I hope to set up an informational  meeting in August for interested bee savers.

In the meantime, if you are excited about this project and would like to meet others who are also excited about it in Boulder, you are invited to the Bee Safe Boulder fundraising party on August 7th from 5-7pm.  There will be a silent auction, and all ticket sales and proceeds from the auction will go to Bee Safe Earth to help expand their mission.  We will also need volunteers for the party, and this will get you into the event for free (really for work in exchange for admission, but zero dollars), and children dressed as bees are welcome!  Email me at, if you are interested in participating.  I do hope to see some of my waggling supporters join us!

Finally, if you are unable to go to this bee loving event and you still would like to show financial support, you can make a donation here.



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