Colorado Pollinator Summit

June 14, 2016 thebeeswaggle


Thursday marks the first Colorado Pollinator Summit.  My hope is that this is the first of many, and that everyone who attends comes away encouraged by the prospects of new partnerships, and reinforced strength in existing partnerships.  The mission of this summit is to co-ordinate the various efforts geared toward saving pollinators, to facilitate real change.  A mission after my own heart.  Many people from a wide variety of backgrounds will be attending, which carries great potential for some powerful movement.

I set out on this mission to save our bees over one year ago, and have since seen the enthusiasm for pollinators grow in many directions.  I have been fortunate enough to have taught many children about pollinators, and take pride in knowing they will always remember these lessons.  Children get excited about how important pollinators are, and this gives me great hope for our future.  It is my mission to first reach our youth who will then reach the adults in their lives, on all things pollination.  I do teach adults too, because you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.  I have witnessed incredible passion and transformative changes among individuals who have heard the importance of pollinators.

However, there is much more work to be done to protect our planet and the wonderful foods, variety of resources, and the spectrum of colors we see in the world of plants.  These wonderful things exist because pollinators exist. We need pollinators!  We must make some changes to the landscape and the way we manage coexistence with other species.

The best and simplest advice I can give all of you is to plant pesticide-free flowers, lots of flowers.  If you plant the flowers, the pollinators will come, and then you can place proper shelter choices, and even add a cute watering hole.  Sure your provisioned habitat may not look exactly how nature might provide, but you will be adding back habitat where it has been lost, and that will save lives.  This will not only save pollinators, but mankind, and I dare say our planet Earth.

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This Thursday, while I am away at the summit, I encourage you to have a summit in your own yard.  Look around, and ask yourself “What more can I bee doing?”   There is so much potential to make a major difference on behalf of pollinators in a front and back yard.  Neighbors will notice, and they may even follow your lead.

Thank you for joining the movement to save our bees….and all pollinators!


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