Native Mason Bee and Leafcutter Bee BeeWorks Chalet Kit

Native Mason Bee and Leafcutter Bee BeeWorks Chalet Kit

Kit Includes All Of The Following:


  1. Mason and Leafcutter Bee Chalet:  Beautifully crafted out of cedar wood
  2. Mason Bees*:  10% off coupon for 20 blue orchard Spring mason bees acclimated to your unique region (bees not included)
  3. Leafcutter Bees*:  10% off coupon for 100 incubated and ready to pollinate (bees not included)
  4. Spring Wood Tray:  Reusable 48-hole wood tray with synch strap for Spring mason bees 
  5. Summer Wood Tray:  Reusable 104-hole wood tray with strap for Summer leafcutter bees
  6. 16-page Booklet: The Gentle-Natured Garden Caretakers all about raising solitary bees
  7. Instruction Booklet 
  8. Shipping Included!
  9. Complete Accessory Package, including:
  • HumidiBee:  Humidifier for overwintering hibernating cocoons.
  • InvitaBee:  Exclusive natural scent bee attractant.
  • BeeGuardian:  Fine mesh bag for protecting developing cocoons.
  • Mason Bee Mud:  Dry mud to mix with your soil to enhance bee production

        Chalet House Features:

        • Beautifully crafted from all natural cedar wood
        • Slanted roof allows for efficient water drainage
        • 2″ overhang helps protect nesting material from moisture
        • Keyhole slot in back for easy installation and removal
        • Convenient cocoon release shelf under the roof
        • 100% recyclable

          *Kit includes 10% off coupon only, bees not included.  Must order bees, using coupon, separately. Spring mason bees ship November 1 through April 30.  For out of season orders, mason bees will ship on or about November 1.  Raised and sold within designated regional climate zone for improved survivability and successful pollination. We have mason bees for all states of the US except AK, FL, and southern MS, AL, and GA.

          Summer leafcutter bees are shipped May 1 through August 15.  Please tell us when you would like to receive your summer bees.  Our gentle-natured leafcutter bees are selected from premium Canadian sources. They are found in all states and provinces of North America. This bee is a popular pollinator for commercial summer crops, and serves gardeners well.

                    $ 89.99