Spring Mason Bee Nesting Trays - 48 Holes

Spring Mason Bee Nesting Trays - 48 Holes
These trays should be placed within a mason bee house to protect it from rain
  • Contains seven wood trays designed to stack upon each other, creating a total of 48 holes
  • Designed for about 25-30 nesting females (about 80 total cocoons)
  • Trays are precision machine-crafted out of northwestern alder
  • Wood pulls moisture to prevent moldy cocoons in summer
  • The nesting trays are easy to extract cocoons and are easily cleaned and reassembled
  • Each tray has side notches that lock into neighboring trays, retains alignment
  • Trays are lightly burnished to create a unique pattern that helps in mason bee orientation
  • Each block includes two cinching straps to hold trays tightly together
  • A removable back panel assists the mason bees by keeping their holes predator-resistant
  • Shipping Included!
The dimensions of the wood tray stack is 4" tall, by 5 1/2" wide, by 6 1/2" long
$ 47.99